About us

About us

Alexander Commercial Property
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We specialise in helping tenants…

Alexander Commercial Property are one of only a few tenant-only commercial property agents in London. Our entire business model is devoted to commercial tenants – we do NOT act for landlords EVER. This has resulted in us having a much better understanding of the issues faced by SME’s, aswell as having developed clever solutions to overcome them. Our clients find it refreshing that we have no conflicts of interest regarding acting for landlords – we simply give all our time and energy to work with the tenant. 


We have been helping clients find their perfect office space for over 20 years, so have plenty of experience to help you with the smooth transition from your existing office to your new home. 
We have access to all available office space in London aswell as OFF-MARKET and Sub-Let opportunities through our myriad of commercial property contacts here in Central London. We hold your hand through the minefield of lease costs and terms; Business Rates; Service Charges and even Office Fit-Out & Telecoms. 


Alexander Commercial Property – Our service is open to all

No office is too big or too small for us here at Alexander Commercial Property – in fact, (unlike some of the major names in the industry) we help clients who have requirements from as little as 500sq ft. We do not turn our nose up at anyone – the way we look at it, if we can help you when you’re small, you will use us when you are bigger..! 
Here at Alexander Commercial Property (LONDON) we can also help you find a property to purchase. We pride ourselves in our “inside” market knowledge and have several commercial properties which we are told are for sale at the right price every week, So, if you are looking to buy your next commercial property to put into your SIPP etc, please get in touch and we’d be only too pleased to offer our help.