Flexible Space

Flexible Office Space

London is one of the world’s biggest cities and offers probably the most options when it comes to choosing Office Space.
Office rents vary enormously in Central London; is highly sought-after and can be both very expensive and have long and complicated leases etc. Rents within the different area’s of Central London can be highly volatile and some rents vary dependent on which side of the street you’re on or even what floor – we’ve even had cases where on the same floor the rent varies due to a better view etc…!


A range of flexible office space solutions

Over the past 10-20 years the Office Landscape in London had changed out out all recognition, but so has the type of Office space available to occupiers….


Tenants can now choose between traditional long-term leased office space – typically with terms from 3-10 years. However, managed Service Office providers have sprung up all over London (and the world) giving FLEXIBILITY the priority, i.e. enabling Tenants to have fully-fitted offices with as little commitment as one just one month..!


These flexible office solutions, enable the Tenant to expand or contract very easily within these flexible work-spaces, where desks; chairs; storage; telephones are all included in a fixed monthly price, usually priced on a  “cost per desk per month” rate.
Why choose a fully serviced flexible office space?
• Huge choice of locations
• Flexible terms to suit your EXACT requirements 
• All-inclusive fixed monthly price for easy budgeting
• No up-front Office Fit-Out cost and/or end of lease Dilapidation’s 
• Move in within 24 hours
We at Alexander Commercial Property (LONDON) have access to ALL the flexible office space locations throughout London and have negotiated the best terms possible, so please contact us if this option suits your business model.